Pexton Pharmacy is helping our community beat the pandemic by administering COVID-19 vaccine.

As of Monday April 5th, the State of Iowa has now opened up vaccination to everyone aged 16 years and older. The Moderna vaccine which we currently are receiving from the CDC is approved for people 18 years and older.

Please use our online scheduling tool found on this page to reserve your appointment. Check this site often as appointments will be opened on a regular basis depending on vaccine availability.

Disclaimer: Successfully obtaining an appointment with this system is not a guarantee of vaccine administration. Appointments may be rescheduled or cancelled based on vaccine supply or need to avoid vaccine wastage.

Please read the Vaccine Fact Sheet to become familiar with the benefits and risks of the vaccine.

Please complete our COVID-19 vaccine Screening and Consent Form as soon as possible before your appointment. Do NOT complete this form unless you have already been given an appointment for vaccination at Pexton Pharmacy.